“How writing a novel completely changed my life.”

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I’ve a couple of what I hope you’ll find are very enjoyable adventure novels to tell you about. But, in many ways, perhaps the most incredible story of all is what actually happened to me in real life. Even now, years later, I still find it hard to believe that it wasn’t all a dream.


The Only Way Was Up

Way back in the recession of the early 1990s I was a 47 year old out-of work manual worker with no educational qualifications and seemingly zero prospects. Then, amazingly, after more than three years on the scrap heap, the writing that I had been doing as a hobby virtually all of my life suddenly came to my rescue.

By the year 2000 I was a published novelist with a whole stack of national TV, radio and press interviews under my belt. From Richard & Judy’s Good Morning, to a full page article in the Daily Mirror and a guest spot with legendary DJ Johnnie Walker on Radio Two, for a while it seemed that just about everyone in the media wanted a chat with me.

Nervous or what? My very first TV appearance, a ‘live’ interview with Mary Nightingale on the ITV lunchtime news.

Not Only That, But ….

Oh, and there’s one other little thing I haven’t mentioned yet. At the same time that all this was going on, in the most astonishing of career changes, I also just happened to be working on multi-million pound accounts as a copywriter/creative at the London office of the world’s most famous advertising agency, Saatchi & Saatchi. No wonder I love the fabulous TV series, Mad Men.

How It All Took Off

But back to the headline quote. The novel in question was IN THE LONG RUN, and it was written during that long period of unemployment. Getting a minimum of a thousand words a day down on paper felt like as useful a way as any of filling in the long days. And there was always the hope that some smart publisher would eventually pick it up and offer me a big fat cheque that would spell an end to my problems.

In my dreams! It didn’t work out anything at all like that. There was a much longer and at times quite rocky road to travel first.

If you’d like to know how things did eventually come good, you can read all about in an article that originally appeared in the July 2000 edition of Saga Magazine by clicking SAGA.

Alternatively, you can listen to that Radio Two chat with legendary DJ Johnnie Walker by clicking JOHNNIE WALKER.

PS: While essentially accurate, no interview or press article could ever do more than cover the bare facts. In order to tell the complete story (warts and all) I’ve also written a light-hearted, full-length account of this incredible period in my life.

AIN’T FINISHED YET is available as apaperback on all Amazon websites.  As a taster, you can read an extract from the book HERE.



My second novel, BURIED PASTS, has now been published as a paperback..  The brand new cover with landscape photography by Mark Mullen is displayed below.

Although all characters and events in BURIED  PASTS are entirely fictional, this novel is very much a tribute to the father I knew only through my mother’s recollections of him. A Canadian pilot with RAF Bomber Command during WWII, he was killed in action when I was just six weeks old.


   AFY front cover  


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