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This one’s for you Mum

First off though, I’d like to tell you about my most recently completed novel, I SPY BLETCHLEY PARK. Although all events and leading characters in the story are complete products of my imagination, this is a  personal tribute to my late mother who served as a WAAF for two years at the top secret World War II code breaking centre. Just like everyone else who ever worked there, she never breathed a single word about it until all of BP’s incredible achievements finally became public knowledge more than thirty years later. How’s that for keeping Mum?



Deeply embittered by the government’s seizure of her financially ruined father’s Buckinghamshire estate, Lady Margaret Pugh swears revenge on all those in Westminster. With World War II looming, Hermann Goering then makes her an irresistible offer if she will spy for him.

            Soon, all the curious comings and goings at nearby Bletchley Park capture Margaret’s attention. And as she begins to put all the pieces together, only young Betty Hall, a working class girl from south London who is barely out of training as a WAAF recruit stands in the way of Britain’s most vital war secret being exposed.

            With the lives of thousands at stake, two most determined women find themselves waging a very private war.

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